Rules for the provision of online monitoring services

(in the absence of a separate contract for the provision of services)

Provision services

  1. The purpose of providing services by electronic means is to collect, collect and / or present various data dependent on the device: temperature, humidity, GPS position, battery, RSSI range, status LEDs.

  2. The service provider is the operator of the website and server on which it is located.

  3. The service recipient is any business entity who has purchased the service from the service provider.

  4. The services are provided through the website on which the customer logs on electronically.

  5. These Regulations were issued pursuant to the Act on the provision of services by electronic means.

  6. The customer is obliged to observe the provisions of the regulations from the moment of taking action to use the services of the service provider.

Terms of service

  1. The Service Provider shall receive data processed by devices that are properly installed on The rules governing the transfer of data from devices, their scope and content, and the delivery schedule are compatible with their internal software and data processing capabilities. Data processing from devices takes place as long as they are active in the customer's database. Device historical data is kept in the service provider's database for 3 months from the time of measuring and then deleted.

  2. Only devices with active paid subscription have saved data history in the service provider's database.

  3. The customer authorizes the service provider to process and store any data that is needed for the proper provision of the service during the period of activity of the devices added to the system.

  4. All data is made available via the Internet and web browser.

  5. The Service Provider reserves the right to discontinue the services required to perform the necessary maintenance work of the IT system and in the event of a failure of the power grid or the Internet.

  6. The customer may not interfere with the device in a manner incompatible with the manual.

Obligations of the service provider

  1. The service provider undertakes to properly collect and present data.

  2. Data collection involves receiving them from devices via the Internet and writing them to the database.

  3. Data sharing is to maintain the availability of the data server and program that makes this data available electronically and to maintain the proper functioning of the data sharing program.

  4. The functions available in the monitoring system depend on your device and subscription

  5. The data presentation system available from the service provider's server is "as is" and may be subject to change during the term of the contract.

Obligations of the recipient of the service

  1. The customer is obliged to install the device properly. The correct installation is to be understood as an installation performed in accordance with the operating instructions provided on the service provider's website and the general installation instructions. The customer is responsible for the correct installation of the equipment.

  2. The customer is responsible for performing the operations specified in the user manual for the maintenance of devices connected to, eg: replacing the battery in the device, charging the SIM card, correcting the WiFi network configuration, updating the application, etc.) that are necessary to ensure correct operation.

  3. The Client undertakes to properly and lawfully exploit the locator. In particular: do not use the device in an illegal activity.

Responsibility doesn't apply

  1. The Service Provider is not liable for any damages caused to third parties that may arise as a result of unlawful or unlawful use of equipment and data collected by them.

  2. The service provider is not responsible for problems with the use of the system resulting from the inaccessibility of the Internet and / or GSM network on the recipient's side.

  3. The Service Provider is not liable for any damages resulting from periodic failures that may occur on the service provider's part in the form of server failures, power outages or interruptions to the Internet.

  4. The service provider does not respond to problems with the transmission of data from the devices to the service provider's server resulting from malfunction of the GSM network, the network. In particular, it is not responsible for failures and such changes in the GSM network configuration, network configuration that prevents proper data transmission.

  5. The Service Provider is not liable for any damages resulting from the malfunction of the software connected to the system and / or the server software. The whole system is delivered to the recipient in the "as is" condition. In particular, the service provider is not liable for the legal and factual effects of the service performed by the recipient on the basis of data collected from the monitoring system.

  6. The Service Provider is not responsible for data breaches caused by random events or technical circumstances that are not affected. These include in particular: - interruptions in the proper functioning of the GSM network, the internet network - breakdowns and interruptions in the supply of electricity - circumstances of violent natural phenomena that may interfere with the operation of the system - energy disturbances occurring in the electrical system and affecting the stable operation of the equipment - devices - failure - damage or incorrect placement of the GPRS and / or GPS antenna and / or WI-FI

  7. The recipient should be aware that only the property insurance which are monitored by the Service Provider can provide the recipient with the opportunity to compensate for the damage.


  1. Charges for the provision of services by the service provider shall be made in accordance with the current price list available on the service provider's website. This price list is linked to the payment system

  2. Invoices are delivered electronically to the e-mail address given by the customer to which the customer agrees.

  3. The electronic invoice is considered to be properly delivered

  4. Failure to pay for a device on your payee's account with a paid subscription within the specified period will block access to certain features of the system. Unless the agreement between the parties stipulates otherwise, the subscription fee shall be paid according to the selected subscription period.

  5. If the purchase of subscriptions was made through a third party (intermediary) and the intermediary has not fulfilled its obligation to the service provider, paragraph 31 of this Regulation applies. Means the suspension of some of the functionality provided to devices with active subscription until a service provider's obligations are settled.

  6. The access to the features available on the subscription will be unlocked after payment for the current billing period.

Final provisions 

  1. Amendments to these Regulations shall come into force upon publication on the Internet webside.

  2. Disputes arising from the implementation of this Agreement will be settled by the competent court at the service provider's premises.